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“I find many of the Inspired ideas really great and many of them suitable for a small branch like ours to undertake successfully."
Margaret, member from the Diocese of Limerick and Killaloe

"Mothers’ Union members have long been an inspiration for me both in my family and my community work.  This new initiative, encouraging us to share our stories more widely with each other and with the community, will surely spread the Mothers' Union gospel to a wider audience as well as encouraging each one of us to think outside the box."
Trish, a member from the Diocese of Guildford

“This is a really useful way of seeing what the Mothers’ Union is able to do and can do in different areas of the country. We are amazing as an organisation so let's use this tool and go and amaze people, and help them in the areas that need it.”
Juliet, member from the Diocese of Canterbury

"Looking through the Inspired pages I really was ‘inspired’ to read about the variety of activities with which Mothers’ Union members are involved; some of them really simple so that even the smallest branches could take them on.  One in particular caught my eye,  Keeping in Touch with Baptism families in the Encouraging Faith section. I thought the suggestion to start a Parish Baptism Album – to include photos of children being baptised – a really good idea. Mentioned it to my branch of Mothers’ Union who were really enthusiastic. So asked Vicar what he thought – he said, ‘Great, if Mothers' Union will take it on I am more than happy to support and encourage.’ Just imagine if every branch was ‘inspired’ to take up one thing – what an impact that would have!  Am also wondering about starting a ‘Bride’s album’ – but that is for the future!"
Claire, member from the Diocese of Birmingham


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