The Tour de France

Mothers' Union were out in force when The Tour de France ('Le Tour') reached Yorkshire during the weekend of 5th/6th July 2014.

Churches throughout the province extended a warm welcome, friendship and hospitality to visitors from all over the world, while Mothers' Union members in the Dioceses of West Yorkshire & The Dales, York and Sheffield prepared the following:

  • 10,000 flyers promoting Mothers' Union work, giving out information about the distances travelled by Community Development Coordinators across the world compared to Tour de France distances.
  • Knitting hundreds of 'Le Tour' teddy bears to give away to children during the weekend and also for use at official 'Le Tour' First Aid stations.
  • An especially composed prayer for 'Le Church, Le Tour, and Le Welcome to Yorkshire' was used by members across the province before the event.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and Mothers' Union were happy to offers a warm welcome to families visiting our beautiful area."