Parents and Families

Mothers’ Union, mothers active

Members invite mums from the church to meet with them every Friday.

The group start with drinks and cake, and then the children move to another room, where a team of members take care of them.

The mums then share together a Bible passage that they talk through together, and have time to share with each other the ups and downs of daily life. It’s an informal opportunity to share friendship, support and fellowship.

Whether the mums are Christians or not, they all value the friendship and informal support that the group offers.

Tackling Torment

Tackling Torment is a resource that offers a range of helpful information and suggests actions parents can take to support their children, both those who are being bullied and those who bully.

Are there parents you know who might like a copy? Consider offering your parish priest a copy of the resource and discussing together any ways that resource might be made available to parents through the church.

Could you share the booklet with teachers at the local school?

Pampering Sessions

The Pampering Day is a Mothers’ Union initiative for busy women and mothers, who sometimes just don’t have the time to pamper themselves.

The pampering sessions run from 2pm-6pm on a Saturday with an optional dinner at 6:30pm. On average 70 people attend including volunteers. Please see brief notes below. Mothers’ Union organise these sessions using around 10 volunteers. The following pampering sessions are available for participants:

First Time Mums

A number of years ago, Henley Deanery Synod were approached by the County Community Health team, who were asking local churches to help support first time mums and their babies.

The Mothers’ Union talked with local health visitors and the First Time Mums group came into being. Members provide a safe, warm environment and offer a friendly welcome to the mums and their babies, who can then get to know and support each other. One new mum told us: “This group has been a life saver.”

Tea and Toast

At a primary school just next to the local Anglican church, members noticed that parents often stayed to chat after the school day began. They decided to open up the church twice a week, offering ‘Tea and Toast’ between 9am – 10am, to the parents, along with their pre-school aged children.

Members make the tea and the toast, and parents chat with each other and the members.

Copies of Families First and most recently the Bye Buy Childhood resources are left out for the parents to pick up if they want to.