Parents and Families

Mothers & Uthers

On Thursday 16 May 2014 Mothers' Union members in the diocese of Coventry held a party to celebrate the second birthday of Mothers' Union group 'Mothers and Uthers'. Set up as a meeting place for younger members this has gone from a small occasional group, to now holding monthly meetings which are attended by a core group of keen people.

Children's Picnic

Members in the diocese of St Albans orgnise a picnic during the summer holidays and invite young families, toddler groups and Rainbow/Brownie groups. Ideally the picnic is based in a play area nearby but an alternative venue is also needed in case it is wet, for example the Church hall.

Families are asked to bring a packed lunch (this way they will have food they enjoy) and members provide juice for youngsters and tea and coffee for mums.

Games to play can include:

  • Pass the Parcel with sweets and Mothers' Union stickers or pencils in the layers

Angel Pockets

Mothers' Union members in the diocese of Chester produce Angel Pockets which are used in hospital labour suites. These little pocket wraps are used on the sad occasion when babies are stillborn or whose life is very short.

The pocket is knitted in 4 sizes. Use wool no thicker than 4ply in white or any pastel colour. 3ply or even 2ply is fine especially for the smaller ones.

Use the larger sizes and adjust needles to suit. They will  of course come out smaller.

Away from it all holidays

Away From It All (AFIA) is a holiday scheme primarily funded by members of Mothers’ Union, to help people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to have a holiday. The scheme is open to anyone who is experiencing stress in their family life.

By going on an AFIA holiday families are enabled to spent quality time together and rebuild relationships.

There are many ways to get involved in AFIA holidays to help families in need to a much needed break:

Fun for a family for free

Spending time together is so important for families, with children particularly appreciating those special times when they have their parents’ undivided attention.

There are lots of things that families can do together for free, either setting aside time at home to be together, or going out and about, with perhaps just transport costs involved. A few ideas are listed below:

What Dads Add

Fathers play an important role in the upbringing and faith life of their children. Sometimes though, fathers may feel less equipped for their task as a parent. Mothers' Union resources 'What Dads Add' aims to encourage fathers and to make them feel valued. The credit card size booklet is designed to be given to fathers when their child is born or baptised to encourage them in their role as 'Dad'.

Parent and toddler groups

Parent and toddler groups provide a happy environment for children, but also a welcoming place for all parents and carers.

Parents have the chance to meet other adults, socialise, and informally chat about the joys and challenges they’re currently experiencing.

For the toddlers, it’s a chance for them to socialise and play with new toys!

We as a church offer the building for the parent and toddler group to meet, but it is God who provides the love that fills it