Engaging through events

RAF Odiham Annual Families' Day

Mothers' Union members in the diocese of Winchester regularly get involved in the Royal Air Force Odiham annual Families' Day.

Mothers' Union members run a tent with refreshments and information about the work of Mothers' Union.

Although not open to the general public the event is very well attended and members usually provide hundreds of cakes, including 'GlidersFree (glutenfree) cakes' as advertised. Being involved in the day presents a great opportunity for members to get to know many more families.

The Tour de France

Mothers' Union were out in force when The Tour de France ('Le Tour') reached Yorkshire during the weekend of 5th/6th July 2014.

Churches throughout the province extended a warm welcome, friendship and hospitality to visitors from all over the world, while Mothers' Union members in the Dioceses of West Yorkshire & The Dales, York and Sheffield prepared the following:

Harley Davidson Biker Rally

Mothers' Union got involved in supporting the Harley Davidson Bikers Rally in August 2014.

Members from Yorkshire provided cakes, pork pies and sausage rolls to feed the 'hungry hordes' and were sold out in 90 minutes.

The fundraising activity not only benefitted families going on the Away From It All holidays but also raised the profile of the organisation and offered an opportunity to engage with another group of people who are now looking forward to meeting up with Mothers' Union members again in August!