Praying for couples

Prayer is at the heart of all that Mothers’ Union is and does. Many members, who may not have the time, or perhaps are unable to be practically involved in supporting couples, commit to pray for them.

These members, along with parishioners, are given the names of the couples (once permission has been obtained from the couple themselves) and then commit to pray for the couple as they prepare for their marriage. The members also present a candle and card to the couple for their wedding and often continue to pray afterwards too.


Wedding teas

Some members, working alongside their incumbent, have found that couples preparing to get married at their church value the opportunity to meet with other couples in the same situation.

They also find it helpful and encouraging to meet couples who have recently married at the same church.


Introducing couples to a friendly church

Support for couples who move to other areas of the UK & Ireland.

Couples often marry at a church away from the area where they will be living, perhaps returning to their parents’ or childhood church for their big day.

To help the couple settle into their own home church, Mothers’ Union members based at the church where the couple will be marrying, get in touch, with the couple’s permission, with people at what will be the couple’s new local church, to identify someone who will extend to the couple a warm welcome.


Helping Couples Organise their Wedding

Organising a wedding can be joyful and stressful, all at the same time.

Members in the Diocese of Hereford, in conjunction with local clergy, aim to help couples by offering a friendly point of contact, and introducing them to members of the church community who will be involved in their marriage.

As well as the parish priest, the organist, florist and vergers are just some of the people that the couple will want to meet. Members help by arranging sessions when couples can meet these key people, all at the same time.


Befriending couples preparing for marriage

Members, with the approval of their incumbent, take on a befriending role to support couples preparing to get married in their church throughout the period before their wedding, and sometimes beyond.

The aim is to help couples feel welcomed as they attend church services before the marriage, particularly if the couple are new to the church, or not living in the same area as the church in which they will marry.


Helping couples prepare for marriage

Couples tell us that participating in these sessions, helps them to “focus on each other, and our relationship, in the midst of the busyness of getting ready for THE BIG DAY!”

That’s why Mothers’ Union trains members to facilitate these sessions. With the support of the local clergy, why not participate in Loving for Life, the Mothers’ Union training course for those who want to offer marriage preparation sessions?


Prayer cards for couples preparing for marriage

This card, intended for a couple who are about to get married, includes a prayer and a Bible verse. There is space for the name of the bride and groom to be hand written. There’s also a second card, for the couple’s family and friends, inviting them to pray for the couple as they begin their married life together, which could be given out at their wedding.

Any member involved in supporting people as they prepare for marriage could give out these cards, but do please confer first with the clergy, before distributing them.