Bilingual Postcard Campaign

Mothers' Union members  in Wales launched a bilingual postcard in October 2012, as part of the Bye Buy Childhood campaign.

The handy postcard is pre-addressed to Ofcom for people to fill in the details of any television programmes they are unhappy with, for example a programme containing sexually explicity material or violence before the 9pm watershed. Welsh Assembly Member and supporter of the Bye Buy Childhood campaign, Janice Gregory AM, supported the launch of the postcard, at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

Bye Buy Childhood Christmas Card

In 2014 Mothers' Union produced a Christmas postcard to support the Bye Buy Childhood campaign for parents and other family members to reflect on, in the run up to Christmas. Members used the postcard with their own families and distributed them amongs friends, family, their churches and wherever they felt appropriate. The card proved very popular so more will be available for Christmas 2015. The back of the card contains inspiring ideas.

Making a difference

One way in which we can make a difference in the world is to speak out on issues we are passionate about. By speaking out or ‘advocating’ on these issues and on behalf of those they affect, we put our faith into action. As an organisation with four million members, Mothers’ Union has a very powerful voice!

Working with the church

Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Salisbury worked together with the Diocesan Children’s Adviser to run a day on the Bye Buy Childhood campaign, as part of the diocese’s Continuing Ministerial Training Programme.

The day was attended by clergy, lay pastoral assistants and Mothers’ Union members. Following presentations on the commercialisation of childhood by different speakers, participants gathered in workshops to think of practical ways in which schools and churches could bring about change.

Postcard campaign

Inspired to take action by the Bye Buy Childhood campaign, Mothers’ Union in Ireland produced a ready-to-send postcard for complaints about unsuitable television content shown outside the watershed.

All-Ireland Mothers’ Union produced two versions of the postcard – one pre-addressed to Ofcom (for complaints in the North) and one to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (for complaints in the Republic) – for people to fill in the details of their complaint.

The postcard was launched at the All-Ireland Leadership conference and a press release helped gain media coverage.

Bye Buy Childhood

The media and commercial world offer children many opportunities. However, intense marketing through traditional and new media can lead children to feel under pressure to ‘own the right things’ and to look a certain way. Parents can also feel under pressure to spend a lot of money on childhood.

Mothers’ Union Bye Buy Childhood campaign aims to stop this commercialisation of childhood, through lobbying government and industry to change practice and through equipping families to manage the influence of the commercial world together.

Here’s how you can play a part: