Building communities

Supporting the Homeless

In the diocese of Leicester Mothers' Union members support the homeless through practical help. Items usually include toiletries for Mother and Baby bags and clothes given to families in need, as well as anything for Homemaker Packs (eg linen, utensils) for people moving out of hostels into permanent accommodation.

Paperbacks, children's books, garments for children and knitted items such as hats, balaclavas, gloves, mittens and jumpers are also requested for use in homeless hostels and women's refuges.

Coffee Tots

Opened in November 2010, the 'Coffee Tots' drop-in-cafe, has become a popular place where 30 to 45 parents come with their young children each day to relax and meet other parents, as they feel they have nowhere else to go. Mothers' Union members have supported this initiative right from the start with prayers, parenting support, help, advice and encouragement. They also help at the weekly knitting club.

Music Tots

When the 'Music Tots' group at Wales Church Kiveton Park was cancelled due to insufficient funding and staff, Wales Church along with Mothers' Union decided to re-establish the group in November 2012, putting the music back into the community for the young people ever since. During the sessions there is a warm atmosphere and the leaders encourage children and adults to become acquainted with others attending the group. They usually start with the traditional 'Music Tots Hello' where each child is welcomed with a song.

Ouch Pouch

Mother's Union members in the diocese of Chester have created a mini first aid kit called the "Ouch Pouch". The pouch contains tissues, antiseptic cream, antiseptic wipes and plasters together with an insert introducing Mothers' Union.

The pouch is one of the many provisions at the Baby Pit Stop which is a most popular facility at the Annual Cheshire Show. The pouches are displayed on a table in the tent. As Mothers' Union cannot sell items there members ask for a donation (minimum of £1). The pouches seems popular and usually quite a few are 'bought'.

Cake for New Neighbours

Moving to a new area can be a challenging experience as it often means leaving familiar surroundings, friends and community life behind.

To help with this Mothers' Union members in Oxford work with other churches and the Kingsmere Estate in Bicester to support each new household as they move into the estate.

Whenever a house is completed and new tenants are moving in they will receive a cake to welcome them to the neighbourhood. Mothers' Union branch members support this community project by bringing along cakes for the new families.

Rent A Skip

Mothers' Union members in Bristol engage with families who are having a difficult time by sponsoring them to go on the diocesan Away From It All holidays to give them some much needed quality time away with their families.

When the members went to visit one family who had been on a holiday they realised that this family did not have anything in their house except a TV and their garden was a complete mess.