Story telling

Children love stories, and reading them Bible stories is a great way to help even young children begin to hear about a God who loves and cares for them. Children like to get involved in helping to tell the story, and this also helps them to concentrate.

The props for this story telling session, that of The Lost Sheep, are small knitted animals, which can be introduced to the children at the appropriate point in the story, and together with the story teller, they can use the animals to help act out the story.*

The team who produced these storytelling props also sometimes attach them to long paper poles, converting them into a kind of puppet, which they use in Children’s Church to tell the story of The Lost Sheep to a larger group of children, who are often keen to become puppeteers themselves.

*Please ensure that the ‘animals’ are appropriately made so that young children can play with them safely, with no small parts that could become unattached and swallowed.