Singing group

Members in the diocese of London set up a singing group as part of their branch's outreach and service to their neigbours.

The emphasis is on the health and social benefits of singing together such as stress relief. (That's why it's not called a choir - which suggest a certain standard of singing and perhaps an ability to read music.) Based at St. Luke's church the 'Clay Hill singers' meet in the daytime to encourage people who might be anxious about going out in the evening.

Advertised through contacts in other churches and organisations, notices in local shops, doctors' surgeries, and hairdressers. 20 people turned up for the first session but now there are more like 100 participants. In 2014 the group received a cash boost of £4,000 from the Enfield Residents Priority Fund and is hoping to recruit more members.

The most important factor in our success is our inspirational choir leader. You should see her leading a warm-up: we forget our aches, pains and worries, and (almost literally) fall about laughing."