This programme is just one way of exploring Inspired, but different groups may well want to customise this for the particular group with which they are working.  If you would like to receive this programme (or any of the programme handouts) in Word format, so that you can alter it, please contact the team at   If there’s any advice or help we can offer as you seek to draw up your own Inspired programme, then again, do please get in touch. Facilitator's notes, worship and handouts for this programme are also available to download (these appear below the following programme). 

 Inspired: Informal day programme   
10.45 Welcome and introduction 
11.00 Inspired by God: We are the light of the world (A reflection)
11.20 Sharing and celebrating  Exploring and celebrating how we currently reach out to others; our family, friends, community
12.00 Mothers Union matters  Given that we are the Mothers’ Union, what sort of factors should help us decide who and how we can most effectively help and care for?
12.15 Inspiring each other: Sharing God’s light (includes midday prayers)
12.30 Inspired by others  An opportunity to explore what other  members are doing around the UK & Ireland
12.50 Lunch   
1.30 Inspiration for the future  Considering any new initiatives we might consider introducing – an opportunity to do a bit of dreaming and planning!
2.35 Looking ahead: Walking in the light (A personal reflection)
2.50 Inspiring others How we can include others in the ideas we’ve explored together today: members, ‘not yet’ members, clergy
3.20 Closing worship: We are the light of the world
3.30 Ends

  Download handouts by clicking on the following links:  Inspired day programme   Facilitator's notes    Handout A Worship and reflections   Handout B Key steps to consider    Handout C Next steps      Handout D Feedback form for participants