Prayer shawls

Members and friends get together to pray and share fellowship, and whilest together, they knit prayer shawls. These are given to anyone the group hears of who might appreciate one. A card and a prayer is added to the shawl.

So many recipients have said how much comfort they get from just having them wrapped around them or close at hand - my own mum refused to be parted from hers, and even as she lay dying her hand strayed often to feel if it was nearby

Shawl knitting pattern and prayer

Ladder pattern
Double knitting wool – 200g
Needles siz3 7.5
Cast on 69 stitches.
Work whole length of shawl in garter stitch to finished length.
Every alternate row – making ladders:
Knit 6 drop 1 stich off needle.
Pick up a look where the stitch has droppoed, knit into the back of loop. This is to make up for dropped stitch – repeat to end.
Cast off loosely.
Attach fringes.

Loop pattern
Double knitting wool – 200g
Needles 6.5

Cast on 130 stitches.

Row 1 knit.
Row 2 Knit.
Rose 3 (to make loops) insert needle knitwise, wrap wool round needle twice. Repeat to the end.
Row 4 knit dropping off the loops.
These 4 rows form the pattern, repeat 17 more times.
Knit 2 rows.
Cast off loosely.
Attach fringes.

Easy shawl pattern
No 3 needles – double knitting wool

Single moss stitch
Cast on 65 stitches.
All rows – knit 1 purl 1 to the end.
Knit to required length, cast off and attach tassels to both ends.

Double moss stitch
Cast on 66 stitches.
All rows- knit 2 purl 2.
Knit to required length, cast off and attach tassels to both ends.

A prayer to offer to people with the shawl
Just a simple prayer shawl
made with love for you
To cover you with blessings
for times you are going through.

I pray that wrapped around you
you will feel our Saviours arms
Holding you and loving you
and keeping you from harm.

“…and lo, I am with you always…. “

Matthew 28:20

A prayer for healing
In the beginning, creating God, you formed my being.
You knit me together in my mother’s womb.
To my flesh and blood you gave the breath of life.
O Loving One, renew me this day in your love.
Grant me life as a gift of your faithfulness;
Grant me hope to sustain me.

May this mantle be for me a sign of your healing presence.
May it warm me when I am weary;
May it surround me with ease of my suffering;
May it encircle me with caring when I am in pain.

O Christ who healed the broken in body and spirit,
Be with me and all who suffer this day.

Be with the doctors, nurses, technicians, chaplains,
and all who care for the sick.

Be with the families and friends of those abiding with
and comforting the sick.

May your gentle, yet strong touch, reach out to heal
the broken and hurting people and places in our world.

A prayer for those who knit the shawls
O God, Heavenly Father, bless my hand and this wool,
Open my heart and my mind to you service.
Bless whoever may receive and wear this shawl that they may be uplifted,
healed of all that ails and troubles them, and their hearts may rejoice in your glory, in Jesus name,