Ploughing Match

Mothers' Union members in the diocese of Southwell & Nottingham have been involved in the Southwell Ploughing MArch, which is held annually in Bulcote Farms near Burton Joyce, in cooperation with the Church of England.

The Anglican Church in the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham own a display trailer which is present at many events throughout the diocese with the idea of providing a base for volunteers manning the trailer. This 'church on wheels' is a grass roots resource designed to support parishes and deaneries at public events in their communities.

For the first time the trailer was used the at Southwell Ploughing Match & Show in September 2014 to offer baby feeding and changing facilities. This service was provided by Mothers' Union and there was a steady stream of mums and dads using the trailer. The members shared that being at the trailer

presented a great opportunity for the members to offer a friendly service to young families as well as chatting about Mothers' Union."