Ouch Pouch

Mother's Union members in the diocese of Chester have created a mini first aid kit called the "Ouch Pouch". The pouch contains tissues, antiseptic cream, antiseptic wipes and plasters together with an insert introducing Mothers' Union.

The pouch is one of the many provisions at the Baby Pit Stop which is a most popular facility at the Annual Cheshire Show. The pouches are displayed on a table in the tent. As Mothers' Union cannot sell items there members ask for a donation (minimum of £1). The pouches seems popular and usually quite a few are 'bought'.

The members also provide pouches for the Fun Day in Chester where a lady took three to give her daughter so they would have them when they took their little ones our for the day.

From 2015 Ouch Pouches will also be included in hampers provided for families going on an AFIA holiday.

One member bought a pouch saying

this is for my son who is aged 40+ and does a lot of cycling, He can keep it in his rucksack in case of spills off his bike.”