Music Tots

When the 'Music Tots' group at Wales Church Kiveton Park was cancelled due to insufficient funding and staff, Wales Church along with Mothers' Union decided to re-establish the group in November 2012, putting the music back into the community for the young people ever since. During the sessions there is a warm atmosphere and the leaders encourage children and adults to become acquainted with others attending the group. They usually start with the traditional 'Music Tots Hello' where each child is welcomed with a song.

At break time water and milk is provided for children, and mums have a chance to chat to the helpers and to each other. At the end of the sessions there are lots of smiley happy faces of both mums and children, and all are enthusiastic about returning the following week. 

One of the group songs is an updated version of a popular nursery rhyme:

Twinkle Twinkle chocolate bar, my daddy drives a rusty car. Push the starter, pull the choke, and we go off in a cloud of smoke. Twinkle, Twinkle chocolate bar, my daddy drives a rusty car.”