Mothers & Uthers

On Thursday 16 May 2014 Mothers' Union members in the diocese of Coventry held a party to celebrate the second birthday of Mothers' Union group 'Mothers and Uthers'. Set up as a meeting place for younger members this has gone from a small occasional group, to now holding monthly meetings which are attended by a core group of keen people.

The members invoved in 'Mothers and Uthers' are also taking part in outreach work through an initiative called Coffee Tots, a community based project funded by donations from individuals, foundations trusts and local churches. Coffee Tots has a Christian ethos, to serve and work with parents, families and communities of all faiths and not faith. 30 to 45 parents regularly come with their young children each day to relax and meet other parents, as they feel they have no-where else to go. Parents are encouraged to play and interact with their children which helps strenghten the relationships between children and their parents.

'Mothers and Uthers' are supporting Coffee Tots with prayers, parenting, support, advice, encouragement and also help out at the weekly knitting club.