Mothers' Union MU PLUS

Mothers' Union in the diocese of Southwark set up a group called MU PLUS at a member's home with the idea to get together for Prayer, Lunch, Updates and Socialising while children are at school.

The initiative then developed further when a parish centre became available. There is now a weekly parish communion service followed by hot lunch at the parish centre. Many Mothers' Union members then stay on for Updates and Socialising while others do their school run. The group is a great place for members to bring along friends so they can find our more about Mothers' Union. Some were so interested in the work that is being done, that they have become members themselves.

One group member travels from the south of England to another regular meeting in the area and makes sure she has time to attend the MU PLUS group. She says:

 I love spending time with my fellow members and friends, hearing about what is going on in Mothers' Union. Even though it is a long way back home for me I would not miss PLUS TIME for the world."