Making a difference

One way in which we can make a difference in the world is to speak out on issues we are passionate about. By speaking out or ‘advocating’ on these issues and on behalf of those they affect, we put our faith into action. As an organisation with four million members, Mothers’ Union has a very powerful voice!

Why not dedicate a series of meetings to looking at Making a Difference, Mothers’ Union’s social policy toolkit, to see how you can get involved in campaigning. You could carry out a different campaigning activity each month, for example writing a letter to your political representative or responding to a government consultation.

Also, take a look at Mothers’ Union’s policy pages on the website at Mothers' Union or Faith & Policy Watch, our monthly policy newsletter, for details of current campaigns. Making a Difference is available for £2 per copy from Mothers’ Union on 020 7222 5533; or