Linus Blankets

Being admitted to hospital is a worrying and scary experience and can be very upsetting for young children, as this might be the first time they have to be away from their parents.

Inspired by the blanket toting character 'Linus' of comic strip 'The Peanuts' who never went anywhere without it, Mothers' Union members in Aberdeen & Orkney came up with the idea to produce so-called 'Linus blankets'. These are donated to the children's ward of the local hospital and with the parents' permission given to children by staff. The children can then take their blanket home when they leave the hospital.

The hospital staff and patients are very grateful for these blankets and often express their thanks. On one occasion a mother even had to make contact with Mothers' Union to ask if they could knit an identical blanket as her daughter would not part with it, even for it to be washed. Another one was produced by the members and the problem was solved:

Thank you so much for producing an identical blanket for my daughter. Now I can swap the blankets in the night without her knowing so the dirty one can be washed."