People in prison

Baby bags for families

Mothers Union members in the diocese of West Yorkshire & The Dales (Ripon & Leeds) volunteer in some of the local prisons, eg three days a week at the crèche at Wealstun Prison, to provide support in the visits area and to be a friendly face to visitors. READ MORE - or download here: Baby Bags for Families

Supporting Visitors

It is widely acknowledged that maintaining family relationships whilst a prisoner is serving their sentence reduces reoffending, but the process of visiting family members in prison can be intimidating and difficult. READ MORE - or download here: Supporting Visitors

Through the Gate

Mothers Union members in London involved in HMP Bronzefield were asked by the Chaplain to get involved in helping girls who are being released from prison. READ MORE - or download here: Through the Gate

Prisoners' Prayers 

Prisoners' Prayers is an initiative which started at HMP Lewis . Through the prison chaplain a group of Mothers' Union members have invited prisoners to share their prayer requests. READ MORE - or download here: Prisoners' Prayers

The big book share

A scheme for prisoners and their children to share the same book. READ MORE - or download here: Big book share

Book work

Prisoners have the opportunity to make a personalised book for their children. READ MORE - or download here: Book work

Craft sessions in prison

People in prison often feel lonely, cut off from their families.  In Hydebank Prison, members organise craft classes that offer an opportunity to chat with and encourage the prisoners. READ MORE - or download here:  Craft sessions in prison

Guide and Scout groups at prison visitor centres

Members in Scotland lead a Guide and Scout group for children and young people visiting in prison, with both groups taking place at the prison visitor centre. READ MORE - or download here: Guide and Scout groups in prison

Working with other agencies in prison

Working with other volunteers and agencies,  in partnership with staff, to ensure children and families visiting prisoners have a positive experience. READ MORE - or download here: Working with other agencies in prisons