People in hospital

Linus Blankets

Being admitted to hospital is a worrying and scary experience especially for young children, as this might be the first time they have to be away from their parents. Inspired by the blanket toting character 'Linus' of comic strip 'The Peanuts' who never went anywhere without it, Mothers' Union members in Aberdeen & Orkney came up with the idea to produce so-called 'Linus blankets'. READ MORE - or download here: Linus Blankets

Hospitality Provision  

Mothers' Union members support relatives of cancer patients in Winchester hospital with paying for accommodation in a Bed & Breakfast. READ MORE - or download here: Hospitality Provision

Emergency wash bags (adults)  

Since 2012 Mothers' Union in Wakefield have provided over 1200 emergency toiletry bags for the Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) at Calderdale Royal Hospital (CRH) for people admitted to hospital at short notice. READ MORE - or download here: Emergency wash bags (adults)

Coffee, cake and chat

A hospital chaplain contacted Mothers’ Union to ask if they would be prepared to offer coffee, cake and conversation to the parents who are living at Great Ormond Street Hospital, in order to be near their children. READ MORE - or download here: Coffee cake and chat

Children's wash bag project

Children and their parents are invited to fill a wash bag with a collection of suitable and new, wrapped items, which are then passed on to a  project coordinator who makes arrangements for the bags to be given to the local hospital. READ MORE - or download here: Children's wash bag project

Knitting 'breasts'

Somerset Health Authority (and others) use these knitted breasts to help teach new mothers how to breastfeed their babies. READ MORE - or download here: Knitting 'breasts'

Unto us a star is born

For some time now, members from the Diocese of Worcester have been assisting the Chaplaincy team at Wordsley Hospital by comforting or rejoicing with new parents. READ MORE - or download here: Unto us a star is born