Encouraging faith

Messy Sheep

In the diocese of Chelmsford, Rochester & St Albans, Mothers' Union members have knitted Messy Sheep as part of the Nativity story. The sheep are used in a practical and fun way to get families to think about the Christmas story in a new light and to get them more involved  in church and the community. READ MORE - or download here: Messy Sheep 

Knitted Angels/Wooden Spoons

Mothers' Union members in the diocese of Coventry took art in an Inspired Day run in the diocese. Throughout the meeting participants learnt about initiatives run in other parts of their diocese and thought about new ways of reaching communities. READ MORE - or download here: Knitted Angels/Wooden Spoons 

Advent Breakfast and Service of Light 

Every advent Cuckfield Mothers' Union hold an advent breakfast and service of light. At 7am a cooked breakfast is prepared followed by an 8.30 service in the Church. READ MORE - or download here: Advent Breakfast and Service of Light

Blessing gifts for beneficiaries 

Mothers' Union members often produce items such as baby gowns, blankets, teddies and shawls which are given as presents to members of their community for example, new parents. READ MORE - or download here: Blessing gifts for beneficiaries

Capital Vision 2020 

Members in the diocese of London have joined the Anglican diocesan initiatice Capital Vision 2020. READ MORE - or download here: Capital Vision 2020  

Keeping in touch cards 

Mothers' Union members make cards and send them to people who cannot get to Church or have moved away. Sometimes, cards are sent to people who members know are very busy, who feel they don't have time to come to Church.  READ MORE - or download here: Keeping in touch cards

A cross in my pocket

Members make beautiful crosses and then give them out to family and friends, and in many other contexts too, praying for these people. READ MORE - or download here: A cross in my pocket

Prayer trees

At Wedding Fairs, members from the Diocese of Norwich invite couples who are preparing for their marriage to write down their prayer request on blank cards which they provide, and then tie their prayer to a branch on a tree. READ MORE - or download here: Prayer trees 

Advent travelling crib

Many branches around the UK & Ireland help individuals and families focus on the meaning of advent, by passing round a hand knitted replica of the Holy Family. READ MORE - or download here: Advent travelling crib

Books of comfort

These books of comfort provide inspiration and support for those times when people might particularly appreciate a reminder of a God who loves and sustains us.  READ MORE - or download here: Books of comfort

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is a booklet that aims to help families enjoy faith as a family. READ MORE - or download here: Hand in Hand

Prayer shawls

Members get together to pray and share fellowship, and whilest together, they knit prayer shawls, which are given to anyone the group hears of who might appreciate one. READ MORE - or download here: Prayer shawls

Story telling

Children love stories, and reading them Bible stories is a great way to help even young children begin to hear about a God who loves and cares for them. READ MORE - or download here: Story telling

Keeping in touch with baptism families

These are just some of the ways that church communities find to do this: READ MORE or download here: Keeping in touch with baptism families

Gifts for baptism families

In the Diocese of Peterborough, members often present the baptism family with a flower and candle posie. READ MORE - or download here: Gifts for baptism families

Baptism 'leaves'

Each member of the church congregation, whether adult or child, is given a paper template of a leaf and writes a prayer or message for the child. READ MORE - or download here: Baptism 'leaves'

Prayer chains

Prayer is at the heart of Mothers’ Union.  As well as participating in midday prayers, some dioceses also arrange prayer chains. READ MORE - or download here: Prayer chains

Prayer cushions

Produced to help furnish a ‘Quiet Room’  in a school. READ MORE - or download here: Prayer cushions

Messy palms

Mothers' Union and Messy Church came together at Liverpool Cathedral for a celebration of Palm Sunday - Messy Palms! READ MORE - or download here: Messy palms