Prayer cards for couples preparing for marriage

This card can be given to the couple, with another for their friends and family. READ MORE - or download here: Prayer card for couples preparing for marriage

Valentines' day services

Couples who married at this church within the last year are all invited back on Valentine's day for a service to celebrate their marriage. READ MORE - or download here: Valentines day service

Helping couples prepare for marriage

Loving for Life is a Mothers' Union training programme that equips members with the skills needed to help couples prepare for their marriage.  All members who participate in this programme are asked to first seek the support of the clergy who they will be working with. READ MORE - or download here: Helping couples prepare for marriage

Befriending couples preparing for marriage

Members, with the approval of their incumbent, take on a befriending role to support couples preparing to get married in their church throughout the period before their wedding, and sometimes beyond. READ MORE - or download here: Befriending couples preparing for marriage

Helping couples organise their wedding

Organising a wedding can be joyful and stressful, all at the same time.  Members, in conjunction with local clergy, help couples by offering a friendly point of contact, and introducing them to members of the church community who will be involved in their wedding day. READ MORE - or download here:  Helping couples organise their wedding

Introducing couples to a friendly church

When couples are marrying at one church, but are then moving to another area of the country, with the couple's permission, members put them in touch with people at a church in the new area, who will give them a warm welcome. READ MORE - or download here: Introducing couples to a friendly church

Wedding teas

Members organise breakfasts or afternoon teas at the church,  for both couples who are about to get married and those who recently have been married. READ MORE - or download here:  Wedding teas

Praying for couples

Prayer is at the heart of all that Mothers’ Union is and does.  Many members, who may not have the time, or perhaps are unable to be practically involved in supporting couples, commit to pray for them. READ MORE - or download here: Praying for couples