Seacroft Family Fun Day

In May 2014 Mothers' Union volunteers from churches across Ripon and Leeds for the first time joined volunteers from St James and the Green church in Seacroft and the local community supported by the Leeds Templars Scouting District for fun filled free family afternoon to celebrate National Family Week. READ MORE - or download here: Seacroft Family Fun Day

Memory Book

Mother's Union members in the diocese of St Albans have produced a memory book for frail and elderly patients as part of a wider hospital project started eight years ago. Requested as support for patients with dementia, members were given guidelines regarding the contents of these memory books. READ MORE - or download here: Memory Book

Just Up Your Street

In the diocese of Manchester Mothers' Union members realised that poverty was close to home when a mapping revealed that some parishes in their diocese are amongst the most deprived in the country.  READ MORE - or download here: Just Up Your Street

Supporting the Homeless

In the diocese of Leicester Mothers' Union members support the homeless through practical help. READ MORE - or download here: Supporting the Homeless

Coffee Tots

Opened in November 2010, the 'Coffee Tots' drop-in-cafe, has become a popular place where 30 to 45 parents come with their young children each day to relax and meet other parents, as they feel they have nowhere else to go. Mothers' Union members have supported this initiative right from the start. READ MORE - or download here: Coffee Tots

Blue Sky Centre

In the diocese of Coventry Mothers' Union members support the Blue Sky Centre, the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) for Coventry and Warwickshire. READ MORE - or downlad here: Blue Sky Centre

Music Tots

When the 'Music Tots' group at Wales Church Kiveton Park was cancelled due to insufficient funding and staff, Wales Church along with Mothers' Union decided to re-establish the group in November 2012, putting the music back into the community for the young people ever since. READ MORE - or download here: Music Tots

Ouch Pouch

Mothers' Union members in the diocese of Chester have created a mini first aid kit called the "Ouch Pouch". READ MORE - or download here: Ouch Pouch

Suitcases for Refugees

Mothers' Union members in St. Albans have been supporting ladies in the Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre (YWIRC) in practical ways through the Yarl's Wood Befrienders (YWBs). READ MORE - or download: Suitcases for Refugees

Cakes for New Neigbours

Mothers Union members in Oxford work with other churches in Bicester to support new households as they move into an estate. READ MORE - or download here: Cake for New Neighbours

Rent a Skip

Mothers' Union members in Bristol engage with families who are having a difficult time and help them with renting a council skip to clean out their gardens. READ MORE - or download here: Rent a Skip

Ambassadors' project

Mothers' Union members from Holy Trinity Church, Haringey, London, have been working in partnership with North London Citizens to engage with the local community. READ MORE - or download here: Ambassadors' Project

Excursions Unlimited

Mothers' Union members in Chester organise the 'Excursions Unlimited' scheme. It was set up to offer those people whose outings are limited by age, disability or who no longer driceand opportunity to go on an excursion of their choice. READ MORE - or download here: Excursions Unlimited

Clothing for Refugees

In Chichester Mothers' Union members support refugees at Gatwick airport and the Cedars Centre, the first immigation detention centre in the UK for families with children. READ MORE - or download here: Clothing for Refugees

Activity "Fiddle" Blanket 

When a person has dementia they may become bewildered about their environment and sometimes become agitated. These quilts offer a focus, enabling the individual and their firends and carers to explore the blanket together. READ MORE - or download here: Activity "Fiddle" Blanket

Singing group

Members in the diocese of London set up a singing group as part of their branch's outreach and service to their neigbours. READ MORE - or download here: Singing group

Nosh & Natter 

Mothers' Union members in Birmingham are helping mums and other women in their Church connect with each other through relaxed and informal fellowship meetings. READ MORE  - or download here: Nosh & Natter

Recipe cards for foodbanks 

Members in Oxford diocese support a variety of food banks. Many of those have asked Mothers' Union for recipe cards to give out to their customers. READ MORE - or download here: Recipe cards for foodbanks

Welcome bags 

Since 2007 Mothers' Union members in the diocese of Manchester in conjunction with the University Chaplaincy have been involved in welcoming new students to Manchester University. READ MORE - or download here: Welcome bags

The granny waggon

On a Friday night, members take hot drinks and packaged snacks down to a local play area where young teenagers gather. READ MORE - or download here:  The granny waggon


Mothers’ Union, working with a local Resident's Association, open up a parish hall during the lunchtime break, and provide teenagers with something free to eat and drink, activities to do and a safe place to socialise. READ MORE - or download here: Breaktime

Practical support for those seeking refuge 

People who escape from abusive situations can arrive with literally nothing – no food, clothes, toiletries.  Members help by collecting a range of items that the families may need. READ MORE - or download here: Practical support for those seeking refuge

Snack and chat

A weekly meeting held in the coffee area at the back of their church for people who, for whatever reason, are feeling a bit lonely or isolated, and would welcome someone to talk to. READ MORE - or download here: Snack and chat

Rice and bikes, support for refugees and asylum seekers

Members take in dry goods, (pasta, rice, etc) to a centre for refugees and asylum seekers in the centre of Bristol which is managed by another charity. READ MORE - or download here: Rice and bikes

Friendship and more, support for refugees and asylum seekers

A friendship session for women who are now making their home in the UK. READ MORE - or download here: Friendship and more support for refugees

Fork to plate project

Aims to help families from a variety of cultures meet each other and gain a better understanding of the benefits and skills that people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds have. READ MORE - or download here: Fork to plate project

The golden girls club

A widow wanted to reach out to others who like her might be feeling a little bit lonely, having children who have now left home. READ MORE - or download here: Golden girls club

Students' Cookbook

When students go to university, it can be the first time they have had to cook and budget for themselves.  To support them Mothers' Union members in various dioceses have been collaborating with local universities and their Chaplaincy teams to produce cookbooks with cheap and nutritious recipes.  READ MORE - or download here: Students' Cookbook