Bilingual Postcard Campaign

Mothers' Union members in Wales launched a bilingual postcard in October 2012, as part of the Bye Buy Childhood campaign. READ MORE - or download here: Bilingual Postcard Campaign 

Bye Buy Childhood Christmas Card

In 2014 Mothers Union produced a Christmas postcard to support the Bye Buy Childhood campaign for parents and other family members to reflect on, in the run up to Christmas. READ MORE - or download here: Bye Buy Childhood Christmas Card 

Bye Buy Childhood

Mothers’ Union Bye Buy Childhood campaign aims to stop the commercialisation of childhood, through lobbying government and industry to change practice and through equipping families to manage the influence of the commercial world together. READ MORE - or download here: Bye Buy Childhood

Postcard campaign

Inspired to take action by the Bye Buy Childhood campaign, Mothers’ Union in Ireland produced a ready-to-send postcard for complaints about unsuitable television content shown outside the watershed. READ MORE - or download here: Postcard campaign

Working with the Church

Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Salisbury worked together with the Diocesan Children’s Adviser to run a day on the Bye Buy Childhood campaign, as part of the diocese’s Continuing Ministerial Training Programme. READ MORE - or download here:  Working with the Church

Labelled for Life

Labelled for Life has been produced as part of Mothers’ Union’s  Bye Buy Childhood campaign, to support and empower families in managing the influence of marketing and the media on their children. READ MORE - or download here:  Labelled for Life

Making a difference

Why not dedicate a series of meetings to looking at Making a Difference, Mothers’ Union’s social policy toolkit, to see how you can get involved in campaigning? READ MORE - or download here:  Making a Difference