Hospitality Provision

When a family members has been admitted to hospital for some time it is often difficult for the rest of the family to be with them regularly, due to cost implications, such as paying for hotel rooms and travel.

This scheme was intiated by Mothers' Union members from another diocese who requested help with visiting a relative having breast cancer surgery in Winchester Hospital as the cost of staying over prohibited the patient's family travelling from the Isle of Wight to be with her. Mothers' Union members in the diocese of Winchester now support relatives of those in hospital undergoing cancer surgery by paying for two nights in a Bed & Breakfast, thus enabling them to be with their loved ones at a critical time.

This initiative has brought members together not only with those in need and with selected Bed & Breakfast providers in the area, but also with staff of the Breast Cancer Care Clinic at the hospital who recommend patients who would benefit from this intiative.