Why isn't the Mothers’ Union initiative I am involved with an Inspired idea?

It may be that we don’t know about it, so do please send us details. It could be that whilst it’s not exactly the same, your idea is similar to an idea that’s already on there. Or, it could be that fantastic though your initiative is, it could be hard to replicate elsewhere. We’re looking for initiatives which make a real difference, but are relatively easy to set up and sustain, so that anyone who wants to get involved, regardless of the time, gifts, resources and circumstances, will hopefully be able to find something that they’d like to do that would help individuals, couples and families in their community.

How do I send you details about my Inspired idea?

Please just email or post to Mothers’ Union in London (contact details below).  Tell us briefly what your initiative is, how it helps others, and include a quote from someone who has benefited from it.  Please send us a digital photo too, along with a note confirming that any adults who appear in the photo have given their permission for it to be used in Mothers' Union central publications/on our website.  If children are included in the photo, please ensure that you send us their parent or guardian’s written permission.   You can download a photo consent form from the members' section of the main Mothers' Union website: see Mothers' Union resources  (You will need to be logged in to access this section).

My Inspired idea is on this website, but there are developments – can I update it?

That would be great.  Please contact us with the latest information. 

Wed like to organise an Inspired event, using one of the programmes on this website, but havent got anyone who will facilitate this session for us

If you contact us and tell us where you are, we might know of people who might be able to help.  Or, we could work with you on devising a customised programme for an event that would be perfect for the group you want to invite.

Not all of the photos that appear on the Inspired ideas sheets are as good as those that appear in other Mothers’ Union publications – why is that?

Virtually all of the photos included were taken by members, to capture a moment in time.  They have kindly shared them with us.   It would be expensive, and sometimes intrusive, to arrange to have all these photographs taken again using a professional photographer, and doing this wouldn’t necessarily capture the essence of the initiative in the way that members have.

The  resolution on the Mothers' Union logo that appears bottom right when I download pdf versions of the web pages is not  very clear

We've been advised that this is a technical issue with pdfs and this version of our logo.  We've provided pdf versions of  the Inspired ideas and other key web pages so that people can print and share these resources.  Once printed, the logo should look fine, but  but if not, do please contact us.

How do we get in touch with you?

Please use 'Contact us' on these web pages. You can also email the team at inspired@mothersunion.org Write to us at:  Inspired at the Mothers’ Union, 24 Tufton Street, SW1P 3RB Our telephone no is 020 7222 5533