Key Factors to Consider

“When Mary Sumner founded Mothers’ Union, she didn’t ‘dream up’ a need, she saw one” Very Rev David Brindley, Dean of Portsmouth

However we engage with Inspired, as we each consider the ways in which we can reflect the vision of Mothers’ Union; to create a world where God’s love is shown through loving, respectful and flourishing relationships, the following may help us as we  pray and seek God’s guidance:

  • Who are we already in touch with – what might we be able to offer them?  (Eg family, friends, groups, church, other agencies, etc)
  • What are our gifts/skills/interests? 
  • What are the needs in our local community? 
  • What are other agencies doing?  (This helps us to avoid unnecessary duplication, and if appropriate, explore working together). 
  • What is our current and potential capacity? (Members, time, skills, gifts, funding). 
  • What is our sense of what God may be inspiring us to be and do…….?
  • Are there any new ways of supporting families that we might want to consider introducing?
  • Are there any existing initiatives that we should perhaps review, to check whether they are still needed and effective?