Bye Buy Childhood Christmas Card

In 2014 Mothers' Union produced a Christmas postcard to support the Bye Buy Childhood campaign for parents and other family members to reflect on, in the run up to Christmas. Members used the postcard with their own families and distributed them amongs friends, family, their churches and wherever they felt appropriate. The card proved very popular so more will be available for Christmas 2015. The back of the card contains inspiring ideas.

Many parents feel overwhelmed by the commercial side of Christmas. But Christmas isn't just about physical presents. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, why not give some alternative gifts to your children this Christmas.

Time: Make your own decorations and decorate your home or Christmas tree together. As you decorate, remember special times from the past year and pray for joyful times in the year ahead.

Confidence: Write your child a Christmas card telling them what you love about them, and why they are special. Thank God together for the qualitities that you have listed. 

Friendship skills:  Encourage your child to be a good friend and to look out for others who might be struggling this Christmas. Pray together for those feeling hopeless at this time of year.

Safety: If you're buying your children devices capable of going online, make sure you know how to enable their safety features and talk to your children about how they can stay safe online.