Bye Buy Childhood

The media and commercial world offer children many opportunities. However, intense marketing through traditional and new media can lead children to feel under pressure to ‘own the right things’ and to look a certain way. Parents can also feel under pressure to spend a lot of money on childhood.

Mothers’ Union Bye Buy Childhood campaign aims to stop this commercialisation of childhood, through lobbying government and industry to change practice and through equipping families to manage the influence of the commercial world together.

Here’s how you can play a part:

  • Give out Bye Buy test cards almost anywhere!
  • Read ‘Labelled for Life’, our parents’ guide to managing the commercial world as a family.
  • Use the resources in a Mothers’ Union parents’ group.
  • Chat to your parish priest about how to let church members know about the campaign and related resources.

For the latest on the campaign, and to find out how to order resources, go to Bye Buy Childhood website.