Blue Sky Centre

In the diocese of Coventry Mothers' Union members support the Blue Sky Centre, the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) for Coventry and Warwickshire.

The Blue Sky Centre provides a 24/7 response facility for victims of sexual violence of any age or gender whether or not they choose to report the matter to the police and has two self-contained wings, for adults and children. Each wing comprises a waiting area, examination room, shower facility, rest area and facilities to record polic interviews where appropriate. Clients can have a medial examination, treatment for any injury, emergency contraception, initial medicaiton to counter infection and provision of counselling or the Services of an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA).

After the examination clients receive a bag with quality toiletries courtesy of Mothers' Union that they can take home as a small gesture that they are valued and cared for, along with a set of new clothes they can keep. Councellor Robyn says:

When we give out these toiletries you'd think the people have been given life; they#re so grateful to have somthing personal given bavk to them. In just a small way it helps to make them feel human again."