Baby Baskets

 St. Paul's Branch in St Albans Deanery has been reaching out to families under stress for many years by donating "goodies" baskets for mum, baby, and sibling where appropriate.

The baskets usually contain:*

  • Baby toiletries such as baby wash, shampoo, wipes, cotton wool, baby soap, sponge etc.
  • Welcome New Baby" card (preferably a Mothers' Union card)
  • Knitted/crocheted baby blanket with "love from Mothers' Union" label
  • Plastic duck for baby bath
  • Bubble bath/shower gel for mum
  • Small gift for any other sibling
  • Book of Bible stories or soft toy
  • Copy of Families First
  • Copy of "What Dads Add"
  • Copy of "Passionate About Parenting"
  • One or two information leaflets about Mothers' Union

The baskets are delivered to the home during the early weeks following the birth,and if agreed, a follow-up visit may be made later.

*Please note that all toiletries need to be new/sealed; handmade items should not be included!