Ambassadors' Project

Mothers' Union members from Holy Trinity Church, Haringey, London, have been working in partnership with North London Citizens (part of Citizens UK) to engage with the local community.

Representatives from the church attended 3 training sessions of the Citizens' UK 'Ambassadors' programme. The aim of the programme is to help people engage with the cmmunity and find out the needs of the local area. During the sessions the 'Ambassadors' learned how to start a conversation and how to engage with people they encounter, before going out two by two to the streets, asking people they met what their hopes, needs and dreams are for the future of the local area.

This is how local people responded when they were approached in the street:

"We were pleasantly surprised to find members of the local community coming up to us to talk about what we think is needed in our area. It is great to know someone cares and will try to make this happen."